Consider your website as an asset that your company owns.

Your website must be maintained, and you must have access to everything that pertains to it – this include the hosting platform, the domain name, and the website itself. In addition – it must be protected from harm and a current offsite back up copy must be available when needed. Therefore, having the full set of access credentials and understanding of how you are seen on the web is vitally important to your business.

There are many service providers online that touch your website and sustain it's existence. You must be able to access each of them and know which credit card is on what account and the renewal terms in order to ensure your website remains active.

Stay Visible Marketing provides a service for $500.00 to capture this data and provide you with a report that itemizes your credentials, how you are seen by search engines, your security protocols, what can help you rank higher in search engines, broken links and your presence on the web.

You will be able to use this report as a reference for budget purposes, understanding why certain features are needed for your website and track your renewals.

The report will include:
1. Registrar for domain name
2. Website hosting company
3. Website back end access
4. Google Analytics
5. SSL Cert
6. Page Speeds
7. Mobile friendly
8. Firewall and site protection
9. Backups
10. Broken Links
11. Directories and listings

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