Marketing Consulting

Maintaining existing client relationships and seeking new customer relationships are key to any revenue based business. It can be difficult to put together a marketing plan that specifically fits your personality. On top of that there are SO many ways to promote your business – how can you know which one is right for you and your business?


Two common questions we ask people:

Are you managing your contacts well?
Do you think you are doing all that you can to promote your business?

The answer is generally “no” to both and that is where Stay Visible Marketing can help.  We can design a marketing plan and help you manage your contacts based on the technology you already use on a daily basis.

We know that if we MAKE IT EASY for you to stay connected to the people you need to stay connected with that your business will grow.

Customer Relationship Services (fee based):

Stay Visible Marketing can provide a 2 hour Marketing Consultation that includes the following:

  • Review previous and current efforts to gain and maintain clients, including networking
  • Review general principles of marketing/promotion
  • Determine best avenues for impactful promotion of yourself and the company to achieve immediate revenue increases based on a “least cost and least time” requirement
  • Identify 3 specific tasks that can be done to increase immediate visibility
  • Receive a 3 and 6 month plan for business promotion as a result of the consultation

** note: this is not a sales presentation but a true review of your business with the goal of providing you with a new way to employ tools that you already use to create different results.  Utilizing the other services offered by Stay Visible Marketing is not required to have this consultation.