Office Furniture Email Marketing

You are busy but you want to make sure the word gets out about the products and news that your manufacturers share with you!  With over 15 years of successful direct sales experience to contract office furniture dealers and the Architectural and Design community as a Major Manufacturer Business Development Manager, Stay Visible Marketing can help you craft the message and stay consistently in front of your target audience.


Stay Visible Marketing works with Independent Rep Groups, Contract Dealers and Manufacturers across the United States and utilizes Constant Contact as the back bone for email marketing campaigns.


The Process:
  1. Provide the product to highlight
  2. Approve/provide edits for the email draft created by Stay Visible Marketing
  3. After final approval and appropriate time and day is selected for send out
  4. The email looks like it came from you and your firm and all replies go directly to you in your inbox
  5. Reports of open rate, click throughs to content on mail and email bounce rates are provided within 1 week of email being sent

Example of a great email report:
28% open rate (anything over 20% is hitting it out of the park)
High Click Throughs
Under 5% bounce rate (bad or non deliverable emails)

All of this for a monthly fee of $350.00.month (plus the cost of your Constant Contact account – $40-75/month).  Up to 4 emails are sent for this one monthly fee.  Your social media can be automatically posted with your email subject matter when the email delivers.  Additional Social Media postings can be done for an additional cost.

Plus you can reduce your monthly marketing cost if you refer me clients!  For each and every client you refer me – you can receive a reduction of your monthly fee by $25.00 for each month that new client uses my $350.00 service.  If the new client emails monthly then you receive a discount of $25 each month.  If they email every other month – you receive the discount on the month’s that they do emails.  The benefit continues as long as the referred client continues to use my service.  It is my way of saying thank you for your support of my service!

Examples of Emails from Rep Groups:

Examples of Emails from Dealers:


Examples of Emails from Manufacturers

A confidentiality agreement is signed with each client to assure both parties that the intellectual property (marketing strategy and contacts lists) are not shared and remain confidential.