5 Minute Marketing Webinar – All Three

5 minute marketing method

Spending 5 minutes a day on marketing can transform your business and create a habit that increases revenue over a long period of time.

This is a 3 part webinar series and will be recorded - so no matter your schedule- sign up and watch when convenient for you!

Direct Reach Out 5 Minute Marketing - click here to start that series

Social Media and Web-Based 5 Minute Marketing - click here to start that series

Get organized 5 Minute Marketing - click here to start that series 

This webinar will cover a methodology that includes a total of 20 different items that you and your sales staff can do to actively market your company each month.

Individually these tasks take 5 minutes or less and are not “time specific” so you can do them at the beginning of the day, over lunch or in the evening according to what works best for you. Plus, you also have peace of mind knowing that you have invested marketing time into your company each day. You will walk away with a specific list of what to do and gain access to additional resources to perform these tasks easily and efficiently


Do I need to prepare anything?
You don't need to do anything to prepare for these webinars - just log in and be ready to activate your marketing and get a strong foundation of habits to finish 2018 strong!

Do I have to attend all webinars, what if my schedule won't permit it?
While attending is highly suggested so you can ask questions and stay in step with the daily tasks afterwards -you are NOT required to attend the webinar. By signing up you are registering for all three and you will receive a link to the recording which you can watch at a time most convenient for you.

What if some of the 5 Minute marketing tasks don't pertain to me?
These tasks are fairly general and you will be able to modify them to work within your business. If there is just no way to modify - then repeat a task that does work! The key is to be in a a habit of spending 5 minutes a day on marketing your business


Is the $100 gift card valid for anybody who registers their tasks
The first drawing will be Oct 5, 2018 for the tasks completed in August and September. After that, there will be a quarterly drawing. This will happen through the end of June 2019. Therefore at the end of February 2019, and the end of May 2019 we will have drawing and anyone who has continued to do their tasks and register them will be entered to win!